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Ever seen a Vending Machine other than that of a food or drinks? Well… Vend’o’Pharm’s packed full of everyday useful necessities – these vending machines are beneficial in any circumstance from hotels, train station, airports, venue’s, nightclub’s & shopping centre’s.

  • Saving – 30% Average reduction of inventory spend (on average).

  • Inventory Management Stock can be changed according to customer use.

  • Availability – 24/7 Supply availability. The machine can be used anytime of the day or night.

  • Manpower Labour hours saved no need for the machines to be assisted.

  • Activation – Easy to install. All that is required a plug socket and it is ready to go.

One less stress – to pain free day!

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Forgotten your toothpaste?

Vend’o’Pharm vending has you covered – We aim to cover last minute toiletries & as many ailments as possible where immediate relief/treatment is required over a wide range of ages.

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