Social Distancing in Pharmacy

Impact on the pharmaceutical industry

The coronavirus is having a severe impact on the retail sector. The only way to tackle future disruptions is by reducing the desire to shop in stores, and placing focus on creating a retail ecosystem that makes it easy for customers to receive and retrieve the products they want. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers were focused on remodelling their stores and improving the in-store experience for customers.

Increasing demand of quick availability.

Customers want is increased speed and a simplified experience when purchasing goods. Vending machines provide retrieving and receiving the products desired, as fast and easy as possible. According to Ladd (former Amazon executive) the key takeaway from the coronavirus crisis is this – retailers, and especially grocery retailers, have been confronted with the reality that their business models are more vulnerable than they realised. Social distancing has failed to prevent the spread of the disease inside stores, warehouses and large fulfilment centres where hundreds and even thousands of workers are required.

Stress free accessibility.

“What’s the future of retail? Go to the nearest vending machine, make a selection and watch the product selected drop to the bottom of the machine ready for your immediate consumption,” Ladd argues.

Our medical vending machines provides just that. Convenience, efficiency all as a simplified process. No need to be wary of social distancing. Accessible 24/7 dependent on the location and without the need of waiting to be served by anyone else. It’s the future in treating on the go minor ailments!