Carefully chosen products.

Lets us take the stress away, and help you with an immediate solution – whatever the occasion!

  • Expanding range – Teething, toothache, loose crowns and filling replacement

  • Heartburn and indigestion

  • Women’s hygiene necessities

  • Moisturiser and skin care

  • Condoms and lube

Data-Driven Analysis

The principle description of Vend’o’Pharm® is to provide customers with a variety of treatments and immediate fixes at their own convenience.

  • Hypoglycaemic fixes

  • Nervousness and anxiety fix

  • Headaches, general aches, and pain

  • Coughs and cold symptoms

  • Diarrhea

  • Allergies

The Founders

Nasir & Eddie, both hold Masters degree in pharmacy – With a vast amount of knowledge within the industry, they both have worked as pharmacists for many years. Having experienced this need themselves, is what drove them to invest countless hours and dedicate their knowledge to research & development in public interest and they founded Vend’o’Pharm.

Nasir’s passion for the company and vision for Vendopharm drives day to day running of the business and establishing relationships with customers and suppliers. He is also actively involved in the company’s longer term strategy plan and expansion programme.
Nasir puts great emphasis on great team ethics and manages underlying attributes that are required for the continued success of the business.
He is committed to exceeding expectations and maintaining strong position within the industry. As a pharmacist knowing the rules and regulations of selling over the counter medications had helped him in devising strategies to provide medications on the go.
Nasir keeps in check that Vendopharm has all consent and approval from professional bodies and the medicines health regulatory agency.
EDDIE CHUIManaging Partner
Eddie is responsible for the corporate management of the business, protecting its core values and ensuring the overall strategy is delivered. Under Eddie’s leadership, tehe team works together towards a collective goal giving a family feel to the business.
He takes pride in delivering highest standards of service to his clients and ensures keeping their trust in quality of Vendopharm products & services.
As a pharmacist, valuing the importance of people’s everyday health and mental well-being is the core business values. This helps in the understanding of what ailments are commonly treated on a day to day basis. Using his knowledge in the industry, Vendopharm determine the products required on a seasonal basis with the most common ailments. This has helped establish Vendopharm with a range of products on the go.

Ever had a headache? – gone diving into your bag for paracetamol, to find empty packet or even worse – at home! Then to make matters worse finding a store that sells relief at a price that won’t affect your blood pressure.. This is where the genius concept of “Vend’o’Pharm” was born. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have “Vend’o’Pharm” on your side, cheap and convenient for your everyday needs.

At your rescue..., Vend'o'Pharm


We strive to be the change we want to see, by creating a healthy and empowering workplace culture.


We are accountable and take ownership. Our aim is to create a better everyday life for people through pharmacy.


New concepts and ideas and how we can help workplace businesses and public environments move forward.


We never lose sight of what matters most: our relationship with the client. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

Pharmacy at your fingertips

The concept of “Vend’o’Pharm” is to aid the ability to select the products you need
– fuss free

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