Systematise Business Process

At the point when you mechanise stock administration with an astute vending machine, you can duplicate accepted procedures and normalise business forms over your whole association. Robotised apportioning will bring down your stock expenses and improve efficiency while at last improving your association’s primary concern.


Solutions for Safety

With the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) our machines are ready for essential PPE wherever you are. These can be stocked with gloves, hand gels and masks the essential items for the new changes in our everyday lives.
The vending machines can be stocked with a variety of products suited to your workplace or environment.


The adaptability of our hardware alongside iQ Technology offers a perfect resource the board arrangement across practically any field or application.


Vendopharm diminishes consumables stock and lessens managerial expenses by offering a scope of utilisations across numerous businesses.


From Shopping mall to Cinema, Sports Clubs to Universities – Vendopharm covers large market sector in providing proficient controlling system for your business.


Furnish your business with the most consistent, mechanically propelled stock following framework on the planet. Checkout our full range of products.

Pharmacy at your fingertips

The concept of “Vend’o’Pharm” is to aid the ability to select the products you need
– fuss free

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