Installing A Vending Machine

Results are encouraging

Installing a vending machine into your workplace provides benefits for your business and your people. They boost productivity and have the advantage of being easy to manage. It’s no wonder that many businesses find that vending machines are an ideal solution to support workplace satisfaction.
Most organisations want a vending machine that isn’t just convenient for their staff and consumers but is convenient for their business too. Options to treat certain ailments means your staff can stay in the workplace. This helps you maintain your duty of care and ensures optimum productivity. If your business is located far
from the shops, vending machines provide an essential service to your workers.

Medical Vending machines are an excellent way to sell medicines and related products in day to day usage, for example, aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, as well as
products for relief from indigestion and heartburn. These products are generally small and well packaged, so they can be delivered through floor standing machines such as your typical snacks/drinks style vending machine.

Range of products

The vending mechanism is straightforward connected to the mains. Such possibilities provide utmost flexibility in terms of location and space. The machines stock a range of items from feminine hygiene products, pain relief medication and gels, first aid and related items e.g. plasters, antiseptic creams, cold sore treatments, cold and flu remedies and much more.

Opportunities in various sectors

The machines are ideal for locations such as hotels, university campuses, theme parks, colleges, offices, industrial sites, train stations, bus stations, football stadiums,
shopping centres and many more endless locations.