Benefits of A Vending Machine

Vending machines are easy to manage

Once installed, a vending machine needs little to no maintenance. Particularly when you adopt an ‘operated’ vending model, ensuring your shelves are regularly refilled with the best-sellers.  Payment options are becoming more streamlined with solutions including contactless payment and Apple pay, making it even easier to grab a snack on the go. Vendopharm deals with the task of filling and looking after your machine. You can rest assured that it’s being taken care of by a professional team, with insight into what people in your demographic really want in your medical/non-medical vending machine.

Productivity, Satisfaction And Morale

The first and most important benefit of installing vending machines in the workplace is the effect it has on the productivity and morale of your employees. Your workers work their best when they know that you care about their wellbeing. With access to a vending machine, they’re able to re-energise and recharge which means happier and more productive workers.

Keeps staff onsite

Options for onsite medicinal and non-medicinal products means your staff can stay in the workplace. This helps you maintain your duty of care and ensures optimum productivity. If your business is located far from the shops, vending machines provide an essential service
to your workers. Keeping your staff onsite also provides you with more opportunities to engage them in lunchtime activities that can help boost morale and employee engagement. When travelling for medical supplies is reduced to zero, your staff have more time to relax, socialise and recharge.


Over the last decade, the workplace has seen an increased focus on the employees. This is because their health can impact their productivity and presence at work. Our medical vending machines provides have taken this on board and offer a treatment of a variety of ailments and non/medical products. It’s a good idea to talk to your employees about their preference.

Engage Employees

By including your worker in the decision-making process you’re encouraging engagement with the business. Talk to them about what they’d like to see in the machine and they’ll appreciate that you value their opinion. By engaging staff members, you’re guaranteeing their satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Client Satisfaction

While most offices will have this installed for their employees, there’re also other people that’ll appreciate it. Your clients for one. If your business is one where you
see clients on your property regularly, a vending machine can help to impress.