What are your prices like?

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All products sold are at competitive retail prices. We do not want our customers to use our machines as a last resort. The prices are similar to what you will find in pharmacies. To provide a service on the go at recommended retail prices.

How much does the machine cost?

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Our machines are free on-loan” or free vending machines which offer an alternative solution to your business if you wish to offer employees and customers the benefits of a vending machine, but without the financial outlay (or financial risk) or hassle of running it. We simply install, service, clean, re stock and maintain the vending [...]

How do we control the amount sold?

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As pharmacists we have all protocols and legislation in place for this. Just like purchasing over the counter medicines in supermarkets and pharmacies the customer/patient can help themselves through self-service checkout.

What are the advantages of vending machines?

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Vending machines are a great way for businesses to provide first rate customer hospitality, improve productivity, save money and create a good working environment for employees. By offering medicinal/non-medicinal vending machines on-site, you reduce the need for extended off-site breaks, help employees save money and provide a hub for social meeting and office interaction, whilst [...]

What is your regulatory compliance?

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Our regulatory professional body the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has given consent for the use of medicinal vending machines. In addition, the Medicines Health Regulatory Body (MHRA) have also consented for the consent of the setup of medical vending machines. All according to our professional status as pharmacist.

What are your payment terms?

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